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Drives and controllers milling and engraving CNC machine

Mechanisms of movement - in all axes move tool installed guides and linear bearings production HIWIN (Taiwan), with unsurpassed service life and high positioning accuracy of the coordinate installation. Moving the spindle in the plane desktop using gear that provides high-speed processing and free movement of the tool, which significantly increases performance of milling machine.
On the vertical axis positioning of the spindle is play-free ball screw transmission. This type of transmission allows in millisecond intervals accurately adjust the height of the tool when running 3D engraving and get a perfect material surface when removing planes.

guide and rake Ball Screw Pair (ball screw) Drive Controllers and control Board

Drives and controllers to move spindle three coordinates are used powerful stepper drives and controllers YAKO (China) or actuators and controllers Panasonic (Japan), capacity of which is designed for 3-shift continuous operation of the equipment (type installed on the equipment actuators stipulated in the contract for the supply). For horizontal and vertical movement of the carriage, the carrier spindle, use one drive. Portal move two drives installed in his crutches that consistently, with equal power and acceleration provide acceleration moving and braking portal, eliminating the bias due to uneven load arising from the end position of the spindle when handling the material. Controllers stepper and servo drives is implemented in a robust aluminum case with a powerful radiator and private forced cooling. This allows around the clock to operate the equipment at high speeds, without unnecessary stoppages caused by overheating of drive components.

Automatic measurement of the height of the material, the sensor surface - to improve the accuracy of the settings of penetration tool in material and reducing the time needed for this operation, milling-engraving machines MULTICUT is equipped with a sensor surface of the processed material. Setting the sensor to be processed surface, and running the automatic measurement of height, the operator specifies a starting point on the Z axis, relative to which the instrument will go deeper into the material.

mini cnc router с гарантией

фрезерный станок по дереву фото с чпу

оборудование для производства дверей мдф и мебели

The spindle - equipment is completed spindles HSD (Italy) - known for their reliability and durability in operation. Spindle type is used for milling and engraving machines MULTICUT, has its own air cooling does not require the supply of additional cooling and lubricating communications or any maintenance during the whole service life. As standard, the installed capacity spindle 3,0 kW. the speed of rotation of up to 18,000 rpm Equipment with such parameters spindle successfully copes with the processing of wood and plastics during 3-shift operation. Upon client's request the equipment can be equipped with spindles capacity of 6.0 kW. with the rotational speed up to 18000 turnover/min and 9,0 kW. speed 24000 turnover/min

A tool for setting instrument on the shaft with capacity 3,0-6,0 kW apply collets standard ER25 fixing the tool shank diameter 2-16mm. Spindle capacity 9,0 kW is designed for installation Tsang standard ER32, with diameters 3-20mm. The delivery set milling-and-engraving machine comes with a set of high quality cutters from hard alloy company HARTENSE (Korea).

The inverter frequency of rotation of a spindle is set by the inverter Corporation DELTA (Japan), specializing in the production of power industry. Inverter DELTA provides a stable set number of turns at variable load, smooth adjustment of speed, unpretentious voltage, high reliability in operation.

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