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Control milling CNC machine

Control Cabinet - enclosure layout control milling cnc engraving machine MULTICUT performed with increased requirements to fault-tolerance equipment. Ventilation Cabinet - convection, is not subject to failure, as it has no moving parts and electrical components. Convection air flow is slower and not conducive to entry into the Cabinet products of the milling of materials.

All electronic and power components placed on a steel mounting plate with zinc coating, which is a common grounding circuit, necessary for stable work of the machine control system. The source of high-frequency interference, inverter, the maximum has been removed from a low-voltage control electronics of the machine and is separated by a protective screen.

On the same principle as the wiring of the control - power high-frequency conductors separated from low-sensitive to electromagnetic influences communication. For supply of the actuators equipment used electromagnetic toroidal transformers with high efficiency and enhanced reliability in comparison with electronic power sources.

control Cabinet milling machine

The power factor of the machine - to make high-strength frame and portal, bearing the main load during operation of the equipment, in the manufacture of used steel profile section 120 x 180 mm, reinforced inside at fixing rails and gear racks steel plates with a thickness of 5 mm This design enhances the rigidity of the bearing profile and reliability of threaded connections, fixing rails and rack on the machine.

Support portal - the most loaded element of cnc machine, taking maximum dynamic loads during operation of the equipment. Support portal milling-and-engraving machine MULTICUT performed with the necessary structural strength, does not allow for longitudinal or transverse rocking or vibration portal while engraving and milling products.

The Foundation supports portal - a steel plate with a thickness of 10 mm with a powerful ribs. The move supports linear guide rail is provided by two linear bearings, place of installation, which are relative to each other posted maximum. This design reduces the load on linear bearings and guides during acceleration and braking of the portal.

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Гравировальный фрезерный станок по дереву фото    


Фрезерное оборудование для производства дверей мдф

Adjustable feet for extra stability, CNC milling-engraving machine is installed on the height-adjustable feet that evenly distribute the load on all the control points, excluding the possible static electricity, preventing deformation and vibration equipment during operation.

Manual control unit - multifunctional device of the last generation with the functions file server, equipped with a large LCD. Using the remote control are all basic operations manual of the machine - select milling, positioning of the spindle on the material when setting the start point, select the task, and more. The volume of internal memory console allows you to store several dozens of jobs for milling.

Software included with the equipment supplied licensed software that calculates the trajectory of the spindle in the manufacture of products taking into account technological peculiarities of the material and applied tool. The software has an intuitive user interface. To prepare a job for milling products and machine control milling enough brief training course conducted by the engineer of the company MULTICUT under equipment installation.

The system of chip removal - in the processing of wood, MDF and other dust-forming, milling of materials is used the system of chip removal. The spindle is equipped with a nozzle to collect chips and flexible pipeline, delivering waste milling through the air pump filter. Optional, not included in basic equipment. The cost depends on the set of options.

System of lubrication and cooling of the tool increases the speed of processing and the quality of the treated surface, increases the life of the instrument. When the system is in a zone of processing of the material sprayed air-oil mixture, cooling and lubricating tool. Oil consumption is minimal, does not require oil pans.

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