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5000 series universal woodworking milling machines, CNC automatic tool change

Professional universal woodworking equipment for serial production with automatic tool change:

Professional universal woodworking equipment for serial production with automatic tool change

Universal milling wood lathe 5000 series - precision CNC setup CNC is equipped with a spindle for mounting a processing tool that performs the milling material in three dimensions with an accuracy of 0.03 mm Installation can be completed with one spindle of different power system lubrication and cooling of the tool, the removal of chips and system vacuum fixation material. 

From September 2014, our machines are equipped with automatic alignment of the portal and automatic heating of the spindle before you begin.

The configuration of cnc machine - the size of the desktop and set additional options listed are formed according to the wishes of the Customer in accordance upcoming production tasks.

Desk - milling and engraving machines MULTICUT 5000 series are the dimensions of the table h mm; h mm 2000x4000 mm lifting Height of the tool above the table up to 400 mm table Surface is made of PVC with a thickness of 25 mm Fixation of the processed material on the table is a vacuum or clamps. Sheet materials when cutting and engraving are fixed by a vacuum clamp. Clamps are designed to secure the hard material, the treatment of which is possible without vacuum fixation.

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станок универсальный деревообрабатывающий фрезерный

Фрезерное оборудование для производства дверей мдф

Vacuum fixation of the material to ensure reliable fixation of the material on the surface of the table is made canal system that distributes the force of the vacuum pressure in the working plane. To increase the efficiency of the vacuum hold-down working table surface is divided into zones.

Fastening material clamps

For greater versatility of the machine, the desktop provides the possibility of mechanical fastening material clamps. 

Guides for installing clamps are made of thick-walled aluminium profile.

Engraving and milling machine CNC MULTICUT 5000 series is designed to equip serial production. 

Equipped with automatic tool changing, equipment with high speed and accuracy to perform up to 8, according to the number of replaceable tools, the processing operations of the material.

Automatic change of tool is particularly useful when the finished product requires the use of several types of cutters, for example, when milling grooves to bend and contour cropping tapes from aluminum composite material.

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