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Table engraving machine MULTICUT 500-0609-1,5

Table engraving machine MULTICUT 500-0609-1,5

The kit desktop engraving machine:


Working area X,Y,Z - 600*900*150 mm,

the table surface is profiled aluminum with a protective layer of plastic,

the spindle 1.5 kW. (China), the rotation speed 0-24000 rpm

Axes X,Y,Z - ball screw pair.

Stepper precision motors.

Included: set of cutters, collets and keys to lock the tool, a set of clamps for fixing material, tool sensor (sensor surface), passport, manual. 

Set includes:

• Table from aluminum with T-slots for clamping material clamps(8pcs.) with a protective layer of plastic;

• Tool sensor system for automatic determination of the thickness of the processed material and installations "0" Z coordinate;

• The software;

• Collet Chuck ER16 series 500 - 3pcs., 

• A set of cutters Teaching pack - 20 PCs.;

• Tool box and documentation.

Compact desktop engraving machine MULTICUT 500 0609 1,5 Ch - designed mainly for engraving Souvenirs. The working field of the machine Hm. On the machine, you can perform the magnesium block for stamping Souvenirs and printed products, engraving tags, marking Souvenirs, produce three-dimensional models of MDF for thermoforming, aluminum handle, to carry out cutting of sheet plastics.

Ball screw pair for milled machines

The equipment used ball-screw transmission, ideal for engraving equipment. In conjunction with stepper motors this equipment has the perfect ratio "price-quality", the minimum payback period, high fault tolerance. 

 Cast frame milling and engraving machine

Cast bed Frame portable milling machine with CNC made of injection-molding method, and not the team of the individual elements. Cast machine design has several advantages relative to the national team. Cast frame more rigid, has a great weight, which eliminates vibration during processing of the material, increases the quality of the engraving of small items.

mini cnc router российский   

Гравировальный фрезерный станок по дереву фото   

Фрезерное оборудование для производства дверей мдф


The spindle 1.5 kW (China) milling and engraving machine

Mobile milling machine has a spindle made in China with a capacity of 1.5 kW, which is enough, no signs of overheating, enough for continuous engraving products within 24 hours.

The sensor surface milling machine

Small engraving machine is equipped with a sensor surface of the desktop, which you can use to accurately determine the level of the processed material, which is very important when engraving small items conical engraver. The machine's working table is made of profiled aluminum and coated with a protective layer of plastic.


Clamp the material to the milling machine table using clamps

The surface of the table has T-slots for mounting material using small clamps. 

Table performance and compact arrangement of nodes micro machine and control Cabinet saves space in his room.

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