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Продажа и инсталляция оборудования. Обучение персонала. Сервисное обслуживание. Лизинговая программа

Exhibition stand 1000 series MULTICUT machine tools

Milling engraving machine CNC 1000 series MULTICUT

Milling engraving machine CNC 1000 series MULTICUT

  • Working table size (mm): 1500x2000, 1500x3000, 2000x3000, 2000x4000;
  • Stepper or servo YASKAWA 750W;
  • Lifting height spindle as standard 180 mm, increased to 400 mm;
  • The spindle COLOMBO, HSD, Taiwan 3.0 kW, 18000 rpm;
  • Moving the XY - helical rod, Z - ball screw;
  • Guides and HIWIN linear bearings;
  • Wiring Nexans (Germany) for moving mechanisms;
  • The speed of travel of the portal and carriage up to 25 000 mm/min;
  • Vacuum table. 6-8 zones pneumatically material;
  • T-shaped grooves for fixing material clamps.

mini cnc router российский   

Гравировальный фрезерный станок по дереву фото    

Фрезерное оборудование для производства дверей мдф


Additional options:

  • System lubrication and cooling of the tool;
  • The removal of chips;
  • The vacuum pump 11 kW;
  • Centralized lubrication system of linear bearings and ball screw nut;
  • A system for handling cylindrical objects;
  • The carriage is equipped with two independent spindles for alternate applications installed in them instruments;
  • The carriage is equipped with a block of 2, 3 or 4 spindles for simultaneous execution of products.


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