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Milling-engraving CNC machines router series MULTICUT 3D

cnc machines router

Milling and engraving machines, CNC MULTICUT 3000 series are used for 3D milling, plane cutting and engraving of non-ferrous metals, PVC, acrylic glass, polycarbonate, wood, chipboard, MDF, plywood.

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Table engraving machine MULTICUT 500-0609-1,5


Milling engraving machine CNC 1000 series MULTICUT



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5000 series universal woodworking milling machines, CNC automatic tool change


Drives and controllers to move the spindle along the three coordinates are used powerful stepper drives and controllers YAKO (China), 

the capacity of which is designed for 3-shift continuous operation of the equipment (type installed on the equipment drives specified in the contract for delivery). 

For horizontal and vertical movement of the carriage carrying the spindle, use one drive. 

The portal move two drives installed in its bearings, which consistently, with equal power and acceleration provide acceleration movement and braking of the portal, 

eliminating the bias due to uneven load that occurs when the end position of the spindle when handling material. 


Компания Мультикат под брендом MULTICUT выпускает российские фрезерные станки с ЧПУ в городе Бердск. Собственное производство обеспечивает более 50 процентов компонентов станка. Купить оборудование фрезерного и плазменного ряда можно в офисах продаж компании: города Новосибирск и Москва.

Controllers, stepper and servo drives is implemented in a robust aluminium housing with a powerful radiator own and forced cooling. 

This allows round-the-clock to operate the equipment at high speeds, without unnecessary downtime caused by overheating of the drive components.


The sensor surface on the magnetic fixing the Sensor surface when measuring the level of material

Automatic measurement of the height of the material, the sensor surface is to increase the accuracy of the settings of penetration of the tool into the material and reducing the time spent on this operation, 

milling and engraving machines MULTICUT is equipped with a sensor surface of the processed material. 

Selecting the sensor to be processed surface, and running the automatic height measurement, the operator specifies a point on the Z axis, about which the tool plunges into the material.


The spindle HSD Italy 3,0 KW.

The spindle equipment is completed by HSD spindles (Italy) - known for their reliability and durability in operation. Type of spindle used on milling and engraving machines MULTICUT, 

has its own air cooling, does not require the supply of additional cooling and lubricating systems or any maintenance throughout life. cnc machines router. Купить 3d mini 6090 cn

Standard, installed capacity spindle 3,0 kW. speed up to 18,000 rpm Equipment parameters such spindle copes with the processing of wood and plastics in 3-shift operation. 


According to the customer equipment can be equipped with a spindle capacity of 6.0 kW. with speed up to 18,000 rpm and 9.0 kW. speed 24000 rpm

        control     drives

Description cnc milling machine router


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